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The creators of Angry Birds are already working on the new game Angry Pigs

According to the Pocket-lint web portal, from which they claim to have seen the application running, the new Angry Pigs app would hit the market before the christmas season.

the creators of angry birds are already working on the new game angry pigs

The story of the original angry BirdsIf you still do not know this popular game, it is about pigs who stole their eggs from the famous birds, which caused their revenge and led them to launch themselves against the pig castles to eliminate them kamikaze style.

Angry Pigshowever, it will try the opposite. In this case we will take the perspective of the pigs and our mission will be to help protect them from the attacks of the birds. According to this information, catapults and wooden and stone structures will continue to be present in the game, although the types of strengths and abilities of pigs will be expanded.

angry Birds has enjoyed unprecedented success in Apple and Android app stores And, as of May this year, it had already been downloaded more than 1 billion times. We will have to wait to see if its sequel hooks the gaming community so much that it has catapulted it to this success.