cortana para ios

The beta of Cortana for iOS arrives, but only for a few

The good news is that public beta debuted, and the bad that only a small group of users will have access to it. As the Warenotice blog assures, Microsoft is distributing the first version of Cortana for iOS among a group of beta testers. The blog has been invited to test the new app and has posted some screenshots of Cortana on an iPhone.

This is a new sample of the Microsoft’s strategy of bringing many of its apps to other platforms, as iOS and Android, which has been implemented by its CEO, Satya Nadella. However, the iOS version will not be as complete as Windows and Android, largely due to the Closer nature of the Apple universeas published earlier last month by The iOS version of Cortana It won’t have a hands-free mode, for example, so it can’t be considered a true substitute for Siri.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to test this beta of Cortana for iOS, because Microsoft is using the TestFlight system, authorized by Apple and that has some limitations, such as the aforementioned 2,000 testers or a maximum trial period of 60 days.

The proof is only open to users in the US and China.