The best smartwatch will be the one with these "dream" features

The best smartwatch will be the one with these “dream” features


Although they deny it, everyone wants the best smartwatch, but that happens to get the one with the best features, the most dreamed of, since some of them don’t even exist, but when they are developed we will have the perfect smartwatch on the market.

To dream a bit, since Christmas is approaching, we have decided to summarize the characteristics that that ‘perfect smartwatch’ should have for us, that smartwatch that we all want and dream of having, and that it is possible to achieve, even in the near future … So without further ado, let’s go with the five features of the ‘dream smartwatch’


On average we see smart watches with 300 mAh rechargeable batteries perhaps a little more or a little less, but the truth is that this ensures in the best of cases a few days of autonomy and nothing more, as happens with the best present on the market. from firms like Samsung and Apple. In our daily use, a common watch does not need a charger, it is easy like inserting a new battery and voila, one more year of watch.

The best smartwatch, the most dreamed of, could come close to that, offer a long autonomy, developing a super battery that offers us about six months on a single charge, which is not just another device to charge regularly, others could aspire to the best smartwatch It would not have such a large battery, but it does have a fast charging system, but so fast, that it reaches 100 percent of the battery in about five minutes.

ASUS ZenWatch 3

Totally independent

Until now all smartwatches depend on the mobile, from the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear, Garmin … anyone on the market, in some cases they depend less when they incorporate their own GPS, but none have their own mobile data and that would be achieved with their own SIM, turning any device into the best smartwatch available on the market and the dream come true of any tech user.

Imagine for a moment being able to set up your own WhatsApp account, or receive calls on the clock, manage everything that corresponds from a mobile phone and that until now is limited to answering messages or seeing notifications as an extension of the smartphone. Does a standalone smartwatch endanger mobile phones? We don’t think so, but it would be a very interesting technological tool.

The best smartwatch has the best apps

Until now the best smartwatch What exists in the market helps us to exercise, see notifications, enter some social networks, but do we need more applications? Definitely yes. For example, a dream application could connect you to the cloud, whatever you want and from there manage files, in case you are out of the office and information is required you can send it with a single touch to an email or by a messaging service .

An interesting application for the best smartwatch could also be Instagram, of course that would already have to come with a camera and would complicate development even more, but in any case dreaming does not cost anything and technology has no limits, in fact in the Chinese market already some such attempts have been seen.

Two models of the Samsung Gear S3

A good screen

Most smartwatch screens are on average an inch and a half in size, but it is not that we want them to be larger, but rather that the best smartwatch has a better designed and more comfortable one, that is, if its design is square it has edges without bevels and if it is circular you can have enough sensitivity to be able to manage in such a small space with one finger.

The dream price

At this point everyone would answer “give it to me” but we know that it is dreaming too much and it is not possible, but the best smartwatch shouldn’t cost more than 150 euros, which is the average price of an entry phone and most of these hardware designs do not have processors and RAM higher than that of a low-end mobile on the market.