Telefónica presents an application to integrate people with hearing disabilities ...

Telef√≥nica presents an application to integrate people with hearing disabilities …


Technology to improve people’s lives: From the topics we love on GizTab. Now it’s time to talk about Breaking Barriers, an application that significantly improves communication in people with visual and hearing disabilities thanks to the real-time subtitling of a speech in both text and braille. The application is the result of the work carried out by two groups of students belonging to the initiative LABs of the program Talentum of Telef√≥nica for more than a year.

Breaking Barriers It thus becomes a catalyst for the communication of people with hearing and visual disabilities that can now be downloaded completely free of charge in both the Android and iOS application markets. “At Telef√≥nica we want to promote digital transformation through innovative models such as those developed by the students with whom we work in the LABs, which combine young talent, expert mentors, technological developments and our own methodology,” explains Rosal√≠a O’Donnell, Head of Talentum at Telef√≥nica and expert in digital transformation.

In the beginning, Breaking Barriers It was a solution designed solely for people with hearing disabilities to be able to function with ease in the academic field. The goal was for teacher and student to be connected through technology. However, with the latest improvements – such as the addition of a function to convert spoken language into Braille – the concept has changed and Breaking Barriers is currently an application to integrate all types of students.

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How Breaking Barriers works

The use of the application is very simple and it is possible to choose between two forms of use. In the first, that of the instructor role, it is only necessary to have a WIFI network, to which the person whose speech is to be transcribed or subtitled connects. After starting the session, a private room is created with an alphanumeric password that will be shared with the people who will listen to the class using the role of assistant. In this case, there can only be one instructor role, but there can be multiple assistants. To be, it is only necessary to connect to the same session.

The second possibility is to use it individually, when the user has the need to improve communication with their environment. In this way, the application can be used on a day-to-day basis, and the person using it can respond using the keyboard on their own screen or from the braille display, according to their choice.