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Technology takes you out of the rut at April’s TechStyle

Everything about the iPad 2, ultraportables, the most impressive cars and motorcycles …

The iPad 2 has arrived after months of rumors and we will break down all its news along with the first tests so that you know the quality of its cameras or if it is true that it is as fast as Apple says. In our analysis section we offer you a wide comparison of the new ultra-portable along with the most interesting netbooks. Of course you will also find the tests of the newest devices that have just hit the market: cameras, ssmartphones, tablets … In addition, in our concepts section we show you the most impressive cars that have just been shown at the Geneva motor show and we also show you in detail 10 of the most powerful and impressive motorcycles that money can buy with engines that reach 500 horsepower.

Social networks “to get tangled up”, photos with your smartphone …

In case you thought that Facebook and Twitter are the only social networks that are worth knowing, in the April issue we show you the networks that are beyond that and that can help you to answer your questions, learn languages ​​or even to have a love affair . In addition, we show you how you can use these networks from your smartphone with the most interesting Apps for iPhone and Android. And in the practical field we teach you all the tricks, tips and applications to take better photos with your phone … Do you want more? Well keep reading.

TechStyle 9, contents

“Tech” adventures: 4 heart attack destinations accompanied by cutting-edge technology

From spacewalks to the inhospitable African savanna, devices can help us survive and propose fascinating approaches to our vacations in the process. Cameras capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions occupy a prominent place, but we must not forget other devices such as tablets, laptops or vehicles prepared for snow or water. In these pages we propose 4 destinations that will take your breath away.

Concept-zone: Impressive cars for the near future

In the world of concepts, cars have an advantage: sooner or later, their manufacturers decide to create functional prototypes, despite the high cost involved. At the beginning of March, the traditional Motor Show was held in Geneva and it was possible to see prototypes of all kinds, many of them truly spectacular. Get ready for a flood of different concepts.

iPad 2: magic evolves

After months of rumors, speculations and various leaks, Apple has presented the new iPad 2, which is already in our country. We show you all the news in your hardware, software and applications …