Cómo Leer Mensajes en WhatsApp Sin Abrir el Chat 1

Spy on WhatsApp How to Read Messages on WhatsApp WITHOUT Opening Them WhatsApp, the most famous instant messaging network worldwide, …

WhatsApp, the most famous instant messaging network worldwide, It is one of those apps that we all have installed on our smartphones, and that we know how to use in general, beyond any doubts that it may generate.

Well, the truth is that when we talk about this application, one of the main problems that users encounter, especially after the arrival of the checks that confirm the reading of the messages, is that they can’t read the messages without the other person finding out about it.

It is precisely for this reason that we want to teach you below how to read messages on WhatsApp without having to open the chat, a procedure that will also help you on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to read WhatsApp without them finding out by deactivating confirmations

Well of course we have to say that the easiest way to read messages on WhatsApp without other users knowing, is by deactivating read receipts, the famous blue check. Keep in mind that if you do, you will not know when others read your messages, so you already know what you are doing by following this step by step:

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Then to Privacy
  • Within this section you will see that there are several, but the one that interests us is the Reading Confirmation
  • Deactivate it, and no one else will know that you have read their messages

How to read WhatsApp without them finding out using Airplane Mode

Another good alternative in this type of situation, if we want to read the messages that reach us on WhatsApp without others knowing about it, has to do with the use of the famous Airplane Mode that is incorporated in mobiles. For that follow these steps:

  • When you receive a WhatsApp message, enable Airplane Mode from Settings on Android or from Control Center on iPhone
  • Open the messages that have reached you
  • When you have read it, mark it as Unread
  • Close the messages and return to Airplane Mode, to deactivate it

This procedure is one of the easiest we have on handSince Airplane Mode disables mobile data and WiFi connection, the other person will never know that you have read their sent messages.

Read WhatsApp messages from the notification menu

And lastly, we didn’t want to stop mentioning an output that although we are sure that most users will take into account, it is extremely useful both on iOS and Android. For that, you have to follow this procedure:

  • When you receive a new message notification on WhatsApp, instead of opening it, swipe the screen down
  • This will allow you, both on iOS and Android, to have access to a good part of the message if it is long, or the full message if it is short
  • After that, swipe up again and remove the notification from there

It is important that you do not open the notification until you are ready to respond, because from the moment you have done it, the other person will know it, and then you will not be able to hide that you have already read it.