SPC Ebon Go, the Spanish version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds ...

SPC Ebon Go, the Spanish version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds …


SPC has presented us its novelties in good, beautiful and cheap wearables. And with them come the new headphones designed to give us total freedom of movement: SPC Ebon Go, which make us very reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They maintain the same design as their SPC Ebon predecessors, are available in three different colors and have reduced both the weight of their base – by 52% – and their size, being now much more compact.

True Wireless headphones (those totally wireless and without any cable connecting the channels) are one of the most demanded models in recent years. Its advantages: reduced dimensions, functionality and ergonomics; a much more comfortable way to enjoy music. With the aim of offering users an affordable reference adapted to their needs, Spc, the technology company specialized in smart products, added two True Wireless headphones to its portfolio, SPC Heron and SPC Ebon.

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SPC Ebon Go, design and lightness for day to day

SPC Ebon Go incorporates different sizes of pads and interchangeable clamp adaptersEbon Go offers up to 3.5 hours of music without interruptions

SPC Ebon Go maintain the same design as SPC Ebon, but with several improved features: they are available in three different colors —White / coral, black / neon green and black / red— and the Weight of its charging base has been reduced by 52%, in addition to its dimensions. The sound quality of the Ebon Go headphones also makes a difference from its predecessor, as its audio software has been greatly improved, as well as its bass; and they are also the most affordable of the whole range.

Ebon Go offer up to 3.5 hours of uninterrupted music. Its transport box that also works as a battery for the device, with some 3 headphone charges for every full charge out of the box. Total, up to 10 and a half hours of autonomy for each refill of the case.

In addition to guaranteeing balanced and crisp sound, incorporate different sizes of support pads and adapters interchangeable, which fit perfectly to the ear and offer greater comfort. And to ensure their use under any circumstance, they also incorporate IPX5 certification: resist sweat and water.

Each earphone incorporates a button to start the voice assistant or use them as a hands-free —Allows you to turn them on or off, pause or resume playback, and answer calls.

SPC Ebon Go are already available at a price of 39.90 euros

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Hype Earphones, four very colorful designs

Hype Earphones are ideal for long-term useThe new SPC Hype Earphones are ideal for long-term use

The second novelty, Hype Earphones, are available in four different designs and patterns and incorporate a microphone to use as a hands-free, as well as a multifunction button to raise and lower the volume or control playback. Hype Earphones, available in four different designs and patterns, stand out for their colorful and eye-catching style to perfectly connect with the tastes of each user. They are available in pastel pink, navy blue, turquoise, and yellow.

its button design, next to its ear pads -Available in various sizes-, they allow the headphones to fit perfectly in the ear, while their flat cable prevents tangles: ideal for long-term use.

Hype Earphones, in addition, they incorporate integrated microphone to use as a hands-free as well as a multifunction button to increase and decrease volume or control playback. In terms of connectivity, they are designed with 3.5 mm mini jack.

Hype Earphones will be available throughout the summer at a price of 9.90 euros.