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Sony presents its SmartWatch 3 watch

Sony has just announced its latest news in wearables with another version of your smart watch, Smartwatch 3, and a new Smarteyeglass development kit, which could finally be a spur to the lately dormant Google Glass option.

Smartwatch 3 It stands out for its elegance and flexibility and, for example, it can be customized with standard 24-millimeter straps in order to give it the style that the user likes best. The internal hardware that we have been able to see maintains the specifications with respect to the previous model.

He has also announced that LifeLog will be compatible with third-party applications. This proprietary service that collects and unifies all the user’s physical activity data could only be used until now with smartphones and wearables from Sony. But that’s going to change shortly as it will open up the API to other services. And it is not the only effort by Sony to open its platforms and, also at the CES held in Las Vegas, it has announced that will open your SmarEyeglass development kit to be compatible with the SmartEyeglass Attach! So a simple display module that fits over regular glasses can turn them into a smart device.

Most of these new announcements Sony wearables they should fit into the category of “upcoming releases”.