Rootear el Sony Xperia Z3

Sony How to Recognize an Original Sony Z3 and Z4 from a Clone We live in an age where we have hundreds of smartphones available …

We live in an age where we have hundreds of smartphones available to choose from, with different specifications, it is sometimes difficult to identify which one would best suit our needs.

Root Sony Xperia Z3

The problem comes when if to those hundreds of Smartphone that are on the market we have to add also copies or clones of the sameNow things are not only complicated, but on top of that the options are too many and the chances of ending up with one that we don’t like are high.

You have to bear in mind that there are people who want to earn money easily and do not have any kind of problems in scamming people and this is when the problem of Smartphone clones knocks on the door and if you are not there prepared to know how to identify in this case an original Sony Z3, then you will end up with anything in your hands.

Sony Z3 or a Z3 Clone

You have to take into account some things when looking closely when it comes to a clone or replica and when the original.

First of all, what would be the replica has specifications that are generally much lower than the original, meaning that, for example, the camera should be worse than the original.

Turn possibly have a very poor quality USB and even have more than one, when the original has only one of impeccable quality.

The original has its logo quite clear and detailed, when the clones either do not have any logo or even have certain details that are noticeable that they are not well done.

For those who have more experience two important things, in the Original Z3 hidden Android codes work instead in replicas notFurthermore, the clones have the recovery in Chinese when the Sony ones do not have it in that language.


But so that you do not have any kind of doubts and do not invest too much money in a Smartphone that is not the one you wanted, that is not even original and is not more than a simple clone, we recommend that you watch the following video where you can remove yourself all the doubts you have and in this way you will learn to recognize a Sony Xperia Z3 that is not originalThis video could also help you to recognize cloned Smartphone from other brands so that in the next one, they won’t sell you anything.

Identify an original Z4, pay attention to the box and the device

When it comes to checking if we are in the presence of an original mobile, we must pay attention not only to the device, but also to the box in which it comes and the accessories it brings.

The usual thing when it comes to the Z4 clone is that it comes with two low-quality USB cables. Also when we take the device we can check that it is slightly larger and lighter than the original model (it is best to go to the Sony page to know the dimensions and weight that the device should have).

The camera shape also differs from the original and of course your quality it has no point of comparison.

Identify an original Z4