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Sony CLM-V55, 5 inch monitor for DSLR cameras

The rise of SLR cameras with the possibility of recording video is creating a new accessory market aimed at improving their performance as camcorders, especially by increasing their ergonomics, since these cameras are not specifically designed for this function.

One of the areas to improve is the screen, and for this, Sony has launched its new CLM-V55 monitor, a five-inch diagonal screen, with 800 x 480 pixels of resolution, which can be easily attached to most cameras. with interchangeable lenses and HD-compatible camcorders via the supplied adapter, and displays the video during recording or playback.

The monitor can be rotated up to 180 degrees and tilted, and it has a removable visor, which protects it from direct sunlight to improve your vision. The CLM-V55 is compatible with both Sony and third-party cameras that support HD video recording. Mounting is done on the hot shoe of reflex cameras, or the accessory ISO hot shoe of camcorders, and is connected using an included HDMI cable. It also requires independent power, provided by a battery pack or an AC adapter (both optional).

The monitor has assist functions that allow you to magnify the image and highlight the edges to improve focus, and it has a mono speaker and a headphone output for monitoring sound.

The Sony CLM-V55 LCD Video Monitor will be available from April 2011 at a price of € 400.