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Social Networks How to improve your Linkedin Profile? Create the Best Profile Definitely Linkedin has had a great evolution in recent years, …

Definitely Linkedin has had a great evolution in recent yearsThis great social network has brought together millions of people throughout the world who are interested in finding jobs or simply improving their portfolio of contacts with professionals, so if you want to know how to improve your Linkedin profile, you are easily in the right place.

Customize your Linkedin profile

Definitely one of the most important factors for improve your Linkedin profile It’s the personalization of your profile, that’s where people will get their first impression of you, so you have to be careful how you present yourself.

Linkedin profile

Some of the most important factors of your Linkedin profile are the following:

Linkedin profile photo

The profile photo will be your cover letter in front of other people and companies on Linkedin, the ideal would be to place a profile photo where your face can be seen well, that only you and do it with a good quality camera.

It is highly recommended that you adapt the size of your photo to the measurements that Linkedin uses, the ideal size for your profile photo is 400 x 400 px.

Linkedin cover photo

The cover photo represents an excellent opportunity to show your skills to the Linkedin public, it would be recommended to place an image that represents your personal brand or that represents your business, in the same way you must maintain good quality.

The appropriate size for your Linkedin cover photo is 1584x 396 px so keep that size in mind when uploading the image to maintain quality.

Experience and education

These sections are very useful, Linkedin will help you get a job or relate to professional people and the experience you have as well as the level of education play an important role here.

We recommend you to post a small review of the experience you have in your area, as well as to place direct links to the web pages of the institutions where you have studied

Put a link to your portfolio in case you have one, it is very useful to show the world samples of your work.

Linkedin Contacts


Linkedin provides you with a space where you can say a few words to the people who visit your profile, so you should take advantage of these lines to post relevant information about yourself, place something related to your profession or the service you offer.

Customize URL on Linkedin

Although it may not seem like it, many people look at the URL of your profile and when they find a long and full of strange data they can get a bad impression, that is why it is convenient to edit it so that it only reflects your name

To edit our Linkedin URL we must follow the following steps: