Ventajas y desventajas de Snapchat

Snapchat What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of 【SNAPCHAT】 and How to Use It Correctly ✅In the world of social networks every little bit appears some …

In the world of social networks every little bit appears that becomes a revolution. The one that has been the most fashionable in recent months is Snapchat, which is used by people of all ages, but is especially appreciated by the younger generations. This time we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mix between a social network and an instant messaging application. It appeared in 2011, but it has been a few months to this part when it has reached its greatest popularity and there is even talk of purchase attempts by other large companies such as Facebook.

A priori Snapchat does not differ too much from other social networks, it is about sharing and being in contact with friends. Its main difference is that adds a security plus by ensuring that all shared content is deleted just seconds after the recipient of the photo or video has seen it.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat

Advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat

All social networks, instant messaging systems and in general all applications, have their good and bad things.


  • All shared photos and videos self-destruct, so content can be shared with less risk
  • It offers a large number of filters that allow you to take from really impressive photos to very funny photos
  • One of the latest built-in features is the ability to use geofilters by location and customize them
  • It allows you to edit videos and add effects to them, it also allows multiple possibilities of editing the photos
  • Can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free


  • Although the content is destroyed, there is always the possibility of taking a screenshot. Of course, if a screenshot is made, the sender of the photo receives a notification
  • Its encryption systems are not as secure as in other instant messaging applications
  • For some people it is considered an unethical application, since all the information is hidden
  • The fact that the content disappears in just a few seconds means that this application does not have content filters and adult content can be uploaded

Advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat

Be careful what you share

Snapchat is responsible for deleting the shared content, but nobody is aware that there are hundreds of different ways to keep a copy of a photo or video received through this channel, so it is recommended to be cautious when sharing certain type of content.

No application is 100% safe and we can never be entirely sure what the receiver is doing with what we have sent him, without forgetting the action of hackers, so intimate photos or videos sent through Snapchat could also be made public.

Used well, Snapchat is an inexhaustible source of fun, but like all social networks, it is advised to act wisely.

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