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Snapchat adds ads to its service

Snapchat advertising will appear in the recent updates section of the application and, according to the company itself, “it is possible to choose if we want to see them. Also, they disappear after viewing and, even if you don’t see them, after 24 hours.”

Companies social media have been working for a long time to find new forms of advertising that make sense for your service. For example, Facebook offers sponsored articles, in its news feed, and small ads in the sidebar. And Twitter sponsors tweets and keywords (which appear as trending topics). However, unlike these services, the ads will not be personalized and will be displayed to all users.

As published by the Huffington Post, the first advertisement for Snapchat, offered last Saturday, was a 20-second spot of an upcoming horror movie premiere. Although this is the first ad product and it is too early to set standards, it seems that Snapchat You plan to deliver timely, relevant, and popular announcements.

For now, it includes advertising in the United States, but it would not be unreasonable to think that it will incorporate in Europe later, if the company in its post does not comment on it.