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Samsung’s lawsuit could reveal Apple’s financial secrets

The judgment between Samsung Y Manzana it could have unintended consequences for the apple company. And is that the once Steve Jobs company could be forced to provide secret information on sales, margins and profits of specific Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Manzana It could use this financial information to request more compensation from the Korean manufacturer for its alleged kidnapping since they consider the sentence of 1,050 million imposed by the judge in August to be laughable.

The problem is that Manzana he wants to use this information without it being made public outside of trial, something completely unusual in a legal process that should boast transparency. In that sense, Judge Lucy Koh (of the Northern California District Court) has confirmed that this type of data must be public without any doubt, although this process will stop until the Court of Appeals finally decides how to proceed in this case.

Manzana It publishes, due to its status as a listed company, the financial data for each of its four quarters and periodically provides information on some specific products. However, the company keeps other figures secret, such as the concrete and specific performance of each product as well as the real cost they have.