Samsung Galaxy S20 obtains the accessibility seal of the Foundation ...

Samsung Galaxy S20 obtains the accessibility seal of the Foundation …


Samsung Galaxy S20 Y Galaxy Note 10 have obtained the seal of accessibility from the ONCE Foundation, thus joining their predecessors, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 9, which already had this certification.

The Amovil accessibility seal is part of the project with the same name, which was developed by ONCE Foundation In collaboration with ILUNION Technology and Accessibility, whose objective is to provide information on the accessibility features available in commercial terminals.

With the creation of new accessibility seal of the ONCE Foundation, Samsung becomes the first manufacturer to receive this certification that ensures that Samsung devices meet universal accessibility requirements. This achievement is the result of the close collaboration between Samsung and the ONCE Foundation, in order to promote the use of ICT as support tools for autonomy and improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities.

“We are very proud to be the first to receive the ONCE Foundation seal, which is yet another example of our effort to ensure that all our products are equally accessible to all”,

Alfonso Fernández, Director of Marketing, Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations at Samsung Electronics Iberia

In this sense, the S20 family, made up of Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20, has been certified by the ONCE Foundation for offering accessibility features for people with null and partial vision, null and partial hearing, moderate and severe handling difficulties, difficulty seeing colors and speech difficulties.

In addition, all models include a very complete and organized accessibility menu to find the necessary options in the search panel quickly and easily. Users even have the option of activating some functions when they turn on the terminal for the first time, including the screen reader. Finally, the entire S20 range includes 5G connectivity, which allows people to enjoy greater speed in downloading content, without delays or interruptions in the course of video calls or viewing live content.

On the other hand, the device Samsung Galaxy Note 10 incorporates accessibility features for people with null vision, partial vision, null hearing, partial hearing, moderate manipulation difficulty, severe manipulation difficulty, color blindness and speech difficulty. Although it is not accessible to people with comprehension difficulties, it incorporates a S-Pen that allows you to take notes and make sketches with the maximum precision, making it easy to carry out tasks at any time.

In addition, the company has a specific website on accessibility, Tecnología Para Todos, which we have already talked about here before, where it makes available to users information on the accessibility features and functionalities of their smartphones. Through the categories: vision, hearing, dexterity and interaction and voice, you can find different resources that allow you to take full advantage of the options that Samsung includes in mobile devices.

This company’s commitment to accessibility is part of its corporate program “Technology with Purpose”, that seeks to positively impact the greatest number of people by breaking barriers through technology. An effort that in Spain develops in areas as important as education and culture, accessibility and well-being or entrepreneurship and employability, always seeking alliances to promote inclusion and technological advance, with important associations such as Fundación ONCE, among others.