Samsung Galaxy J How to Open or Disarm a Samsung J7 or J7 Prime The Samsung J7 Prime is undoubtedly the best of Samsung ...

Samsung Galaxy J How to Open or Disarm a Samsung J7 or J7 Prime The Samsung J7 Prime is undoubtedly the best of Samsung …

The Samsung J7 Prime It is undoubtedly the best of Samsung in terms of the J line obviously, it is the improved version of the J7 2016 and it has many interesting things that make it more than just a mid-range mobile, with very interesting features that make it extremely “powerful” compared to many phones of the same range.

The battery of this mobile phone is already built into the device so it cannot be removed very easily, unlike other mobiles. You have to search them a little more to get it out, but it is not too complicated to say.

For disarm this kind of mobile phones It is necessary to have some specific tools that are not too rare, we surely have them at home so with them and with some patience you can calmly disassemble a Samsung J7 Prime.

Disarm Samsung J7 Prime

In addition to this, keep in mind that you have to have the tools that are specified in the video to be able to do things correctly without damaging the mobile, after all we do not want the repair to end up being expensive.

How to open the Samsung J7 Prime

The reason you have to disarm the device can be one or many, keep in mind that whatever it is, unless you have knowledge on the subject, you will not be able to fix anything, it is also ideal to learn how to disarm it in case it wet to be able to leave it to dry completely disassembled even if you put it inside of rice to completely absorb the moisture, it is without a doubt a way to save your Samsung J7 Prime when it gets wet.

It is more than clear that we do not take care of how you can use this tutorial or how your Samsung J7 Prime In case you do something wrong, we give you the guide and you decide for your own bikes whether to continue or not, any questions you have leave it in the comments below.

This is how you disassemble a Samsung J7

Disarm a Samsung J7 It is not a too complicated task, in case the mobile phone in question is something simple to disassemble, the issue is that some fail in the process because they do not have a guide to be able to do it properly, in this article we are going to talk precisely about how to disassemble a Samsung J7 in all its versions and we are going to leave you a video where you will be able to see step by step how you have to do the process, which part is disassembled first, etc.

Open Samsung J7

It is clear that the reasons you have for wanting open the Samsung J7 they can be many, the most popular to say in some way is that the phone gets wet and obviously to make it dry as best as possible you take the whole phone apart and put it in rice. In turn, many people want to repair it themselves in order to save some money, in that case you should pay close attention to each tutorial you see to avoid damaging the device.

What I’m going to do is leave you a video so you can see the complete process about how to open a Samsung J7, I prefer to leave you a video and not comment on the process more than anything because this way you can guide you much better, perhaps an old-fashioned tutorial for saying somehow can end up generating a pretty big mess and you end up not understanding certain things.

Nothing better than a video where everything is more than clear and obviously you can follow it to the letter, remember that it is important that you have the necessary tools to be able to carry out the exact process without any kind of problem.

How to disassemble Samsung J7

In case you have any doubts and that you are in the middle of the process, we recommend you directly reassemble the mobile and take it to a technical service, on many occasions, because we want to save some money, we end up losing more than we would have imagined.

Also, watch out for the smaller pieces as nothing can get lost when you are disassembling the Samsung J7 2016 since it is more than clear, when you put it back together you will need every last piece that you have removed from the phone.