Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime ¿Original o Replica?

Samsung Galaxy J How to know if a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime or J7 Prime is Original or ReplicaLearn to differentiate between what would be a classic, because …

Learning to differentiate between what would be a classic, because by now they are already classics, Chinese clones and an original Smartphone is essential if you are buying more than anything second-hand or product importers. We must be very careful when we are going to acquire a device such as a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime if we do not do it from a business and even so, because it is quite common that many people want to take advantage of it to try to “get in” a chinese clone instead to get a few extra dollars.

Differentiate between Chinese and original clone

Finding out if we are dealing with an original device or a fake one can become quite complicated to tell the truth only by sight, since you have to try to investigate a little deeper to be able to discover if we are actually dealing with a clone and not an original.

For me there is only one way that is considerably effective to check if it is a replica or if it is an original. What is that method? Using the IMEI code of the mobile device, all you have to do is go to the calling application and once there you dial the following code * # 06 #, after this you press call and wait for the IMEI code to load, which should be about 15-16 digits approximately. Once you have that code, what you are going to do is write it down, but without counting from the / to the right.

Now you are going to go to the web and you are going to put that code that you copied previously, once copied we are going to click on where it says Check to receive information that will be essential to discover if it is indeed a clone or not.

The information that interests us most is that of the manufacturer because if it says unknown instead of Samsung then it is a clone, in addition to this, look at Model very carefully in order to finish discovering if they really want to sell us a replica at the price of an original one or not. So that in Brand should say Samsung and on Model J7 (On Nxt)

Be very careful when you want to acquire a product of this class through third parties or people who are dedicated to importing products, if it is not an official or trusted store you must take all the necessary precautions to be able to verify that what you are actually buying a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

How to Find Out if a Samsung J5 Prime is Original or Fake

One of the best devices that Samsung launched on the market a while ago is the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Prime version of this one that was recently launched did nothing more than improve the features that this device had to offer us. The success that this J and all the Galaxy Js in general have had was simply overwhelming around the world and, therefore, it is not at all strange that the famous clones of said devices appear.

How to tell if it is an original or a clone?

It is normal after all that when a device starts to have great success around the world, Chinese clones have to appear yes or yes, there is nothing that can be done to avoid it since Samsung is not the only mobile manufacturer that has to deal with these kinds of situations.

The only way to tell if it is a clone or if it is original is simply by paying as much attention as possible to all the details that surround the mobile.

Recognize a Chinese clone

For me there is a way that is very effective to know if we are facing a Chinese clone or an original What is it? Simply using your IMEI, It is the most effective way that I found so far and what you should do is go to the call application and dial * # 06 # and then call. You have to see a code with many numbers, that is the IMEI code that later we are going to enter on this website in this way we are going to obtain very good information about said mobile device.

The number that we get is 15-16 digits, that is the one you must enter as soon as we send ourselves to this website, once entered we will click where it says Check or Check and we hope that you will give us all the information that will be useful to us to be able to recognize if we are facing a copy or an original.

Pay close attention to the manufacturer part because if Samsung does not appear and Unknown appears instead it is because it is possibly a chinese clone.