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Samsung Galaxy J How to Delete the History of Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 Every time we use the Internet we leave a trace that is easily …

Every time we use the Internet we leave a trail that is easily visible to others. In case you do not want to leave that trace, today we explain how clear history on Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7.

The Samsung Galaxy J family has been one of the last to join the extensive catalog of mobile phones from Samsung. These phones were originally intended for the younger generation, but they have worked so well that they have become the favorites of many people, regardless of age.

The 2016 versions of the J5 and J7 are already available, if you want to know them better, we encourage you to read our comparisons between Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 vs. 2016 Y Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 vs. 2016.

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Number one way to clear history on Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7

The first way is as simple as going to Google Chrome widget Y press on the search we have done, then we give delete.

Way number two to erase history

Another way to clear the history of Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 is to go to Chrome icon within the applications directory. Click on the three-point icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, that is, the icon of Settings. Click on the option Record. If we go to Clear browsing data we can completely erase the browsing history.

Way number three to clear your browsing history

There is a third way to erase the browsing history on Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7 mobiles, although this method is not highly recommended, since with it what we actually do is delete any data related to Google Chrome on Android.

The method is as follows, we follow the path Settings> Applications> All> Chrome and there we select delete data.

As you have seen, if we leave a trace of our Internet browsing it is because we want to, since with the Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 models it is really easy to erase the browsing history and it will not take us more than one or two minutes to do so.

Clear history from Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7

Browse incognito

If we do not want to delete the history, what we can do directly is navigate in incognito mode, so that browsing does not leave a trace. In this way, nobody finds out what pages you have visited or what searches you have done.

Today the vast majority of browsers offer the option of incognito browsing, also in its mobile versions. We can even find it in the Google Play Store browsers that always carry out browsing in incognito mode directly, so we don’t have to worry about activating that option. A good example of this is InBowser, which saves absolutely no browsing data and also works on both phones and tablets. It is not the only option for browsers of this type, but it is one of the most recommended for its good performance. It is also free.