Cómo Activar el LED de Notificaciones del Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7, A8 y A9

Samsung Galaxy A How to Activate the Notification LED of the Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7, A8 and A9 It is clear that the notification light of the Smartphone is …

It is clear that the notification light for the Smartphone it is considerably useful in each of them. In this way we can simply look at the mobile and see, for example, the color of said light, which is what reached us, if a message from WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook maybe etc.

Some devices come with these lights disabled or not even available at all. The truth is that in the latter case it is a real shame because it is considerably useful to have these notification lights To be able, as I said before, to check what came to us without having to look at the device and without having to waste time doing it, in case we are working, for example, it is quite good just in case we are expecting something urgently.

Activate Led notification on Samsung

It’s actually easier than you can imagine, we should just go to the part of Settings or in Settings, once we are there we are going to go where it says “My device“Now what we will do is find where it says”Display indicator”And that is where we activate the led notifications.

Some models are not supported

You have to take into account a small detail and that is some models are not supportedThere are even several that without being from Samsung cannot have a notification light because they do not have it in terms of hardware, so it is clearly impossible to activate something.

The point is that There is a solution for those who have a mobile that does not have an LED notification light What would that solution be? Actually, it is quite simple and it is thanks to something that we all have on mobile.

What is it? It is simply using the flash of the same, Come on, it may not be as comfortable as possible, but without a doubt it is a way to have varied notification lights without having to change the mobile, which seems to me that having to buy a new one for such a thing is not really worth it .

There are many applications capable of using the flash as a notification light, you can find the apps on our blog or directly on the Play Store from GoogleThey are totally free and allow you to fully customize the notifications so that in this way it is easier for you to realize what came to your mobile.

How to activate the notification LED on the Samsung A3

The Notification LED of the Samsung Galaxy A3 is located on the front of the mobile¸ you can see it very close to the front camera, so it is easy to recognize. On many occasions it can be deactivated by default, but activating it is very simple, you can even assign it the color you want. For activate the notification LED on the Samsung A3 you just have to follow these steps:

1.- First you must go to the menu Settings.

2.- Then you must go to the Screen section and here look for the option Display Indicator and activate it.

By doing this you will activate the notification LED. Further, This will allow the LED to activate when charging the mobile, receiving messages, calls and more, working well with most of your mobile applications.

The option to activate the notification LED is not available in the menu …

If with the previous steps you have not been able activate the notification LED on the Samsung A3 don’t worry, it may just be that you have not updated Android to its latest version. However, a solution may be download NoLed, this application allows you to manually configure the notification LED, it is even possible to configure the camera LED in case your mobile does not have a notification LED, but this is certainly not the case.

To download this application you can use this link. It is free and available at Google play, so you will have no problem downloading and installing it.