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Samsung develops Wallet to compete with PassBook

Apple already offers this service, called PassBook, on its iPhone, but the version of Samsung It is more complete and allows users to access their tickets at any time, in addition to receiving immediate notifications based on their location. For example, they will receive reminders to get a digital boarding pass when they arrive at the airport.

Developers will have to write functionalities for the new virtual wallet of Samsung and the company has already announced a list of partners for its launch, including the American Baseball League, Expedia,, or Lufthansa. The service has not yet been launched, although it already offers tools for developers who are willing to join.

The millions of users of Galaxy phones will be the great beneficiaries and the main claim for these developers. Its disadvantage is that the payment system of Samsung will create fragmentation problems in the Android universe. According to The Verge firm, Samsung Wallet will not support NFC, despite its recent partnership with Visa, to develop mobile apps

payment for future smartphones. Samsung ensures that merchants prefer to scan barcodes, rather than this system, as it does not require a new infrastructure.

Google ensures for his part that he wants to offer a service similar to Passbook within Google wallet, but the company does not yet have it. And in the meantime, Google Now can display location-based boarding passes, although the service is not connected to discount cards or show tickets.

It’s hard to blame Samsung for developing their own payment solution, especially since Android doesn’t have one built in. Unfortunately, a concrete solution of Samsung it also creates conflict for developers and can potentially increase confusion among users who may one day die in a duel outside of their own.