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Safety Guide for iPhone and iPad

IPads or iPhones, especially those used professionally, contain very valuable information and allow access to the network and company data. What would happen if a company employee had their equipment stolen, lost or hacked? The privacy and security of the company could even be put at risk, for this reason it is necessary to protect them in an optimal way. For this reason and in its desire to promote a culture of information security among society, S2 Grupo has created a “Basic Safety Guide for iPad and iPhone” that will offer its users a simple manual in which each of the parameters of its configuration are detailed in detail that must be adjusted to achieve the best possible protection and thus in case of a security problem such as theft, loss, hacking or dissemination of malware, making it difficult for third parties to access the information or infecting the computer.

safety guide for iphone and ipad

“The idea of ​​creating this guide came internally in our company because as security experts we know that these technological gadgets are not particularly safe. We needed to reduce the impact that could be caused by the intrusion, loss or theft of the iPad or iPhone of any of our employees and we decided to create a document in which all the guidelines were established in a standardized way so that the device was as protected as possible ”, says Miguel A. Juan, partner-director of S2 Grupo.

From the main guidelines that are established, it is extracted that actions as simple as allowing the periodic update of the operating system by the manufacturer, establishing a password to the device (something very frequent in smartphones and not so widespread in other mobile devices) or activating Bluetooth only when it is to be used will save many security issues to users of the iPad and iPhone.