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Safari and Xcode 2 update

safari 5.0.5

The update 5.0.5 for Safari It solves various security problems detected in this browser, but the most notable is to solve the security problems detected in its Webkit engine when malicious websites are visited.

For its part, the update of Xcode, development toolkit, leave its most recent version on the 4.0.2. Its main novelty is that it incorporates compatibility with the new version of iOS (iOS 4.3.2) recently published. At the same time, it includes stability improvements, for the iOS simulator and for the LLVM 2 compiler.

xcode 2

Safari 5.0.5 It can be obtained from the Mac OS X Software Update option, as well as from Apple’s support website.

To get the latest update for Xcode 2, you can access Apple’s Mac App Store.