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Sabpab Trojan infects Macs just like Flashback

As in the case of Flashback, Sabpab does not require the user to enter any type of password to access administrator privileges and install, and it is only necessary visit any infected website so that our team is exposed to this malware.

sabpab, the new flashback-style mac trojan

Grahan Cluley, Senior Consultant at Sophos, comments that “recently discovered malware Sabpab it is a classic Trojan that accesses through a back door. It uses the connection to a server via HTTP and receives commands from the hackers remotely so that they can access our equipment, allowing them take screenshots of infected Macs, upload and download files, and execute commands remotely. “

sabpab, the new flashback-style mac trojan

If you have already downloaded the Java update on your Mac, you will be protected against this new worm, but also if you have a good anti-virus for your computer Mac. Apple has already released a tool to remove Flashback malwareAlthough it only works with the main most common variants of the Trojan.

Sales of anti-virus software for Mac computers (which for years has been proud to have hardly any viruses on their computers) has already increased considerably after the Flashback Trojan spread making the headlines in computer security around the world Mac for the past few weeks.