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RPG classic Baldur’s Gate coming to iPad this summer

If a few days ago we reported that Blizzard was considering adapting its online role-playing game World of Warcraft for the iPhone and iPad, now is the turn of Overhaul Games who just announced that he is working on adapting another classic role, Baldur’s Gate, to be incorporated into the catalog of games for iPad the next summer.

the role-playing classic baldur's gate is coming to the ipad in summer

The new Baldur´s Gate: Enhanced Edition will operate under an upgraded and updated revision of the Infinity Engine and will include the full adventure of Baldur’s Gate, the expansion pack “Tales of the Sword Coast”, and previously unpublished content that includes a new adventure and the incorporation of a new member to the team.

Baldur´s Gate: Enhanced Edition will be available at App Store from Manzana starting next summer.