Root Samsung How to Root a Samsung Galaxy J1 WITHOUT PC Although it is true that among all mobile devices developed by ...

Root Samsung How to Root a Samsung Galaxy J1 WITHOUT PC Although it is true that among all mobile devices developed by …

Although it is true that among all the mobile devices developed by Samsung, those of the Galaxy S range are the most famous, we cannot lose sight in any case that the Korean firm has also managed to obtain success with other families of them, such as the Galaxy J, for example. In this particular article we did not want to stop dwelling on a tutorial that readers have been asking us a lot. It is about the possibility of rooting a Samsung Galaxy J1 with KingRoot, one of the best tools in the segment.

The interesting thing about being able to root the Samsung Galaxy J1 is that in this way you can access functions that would otherwise be impossible, while also considering that by using this platform that we have mentioned, you will not require a computer or other complementary equipment. . We then go ahead with all the steps to consider, to say that This tutorial is for the following Samsung Galaxy J1 models: J100H, SM-J100H, SM-J100L, SM-J100M, SM-J100MU.

Before starting with the step by step to root your Samsung Galaxy J1, you have to know that by carrying out this procedure, you will be losing the warranty of your device, so you should evaluate the convenience of that before starting with this step by step . Otherwise, Always make sure that your Samsung Galaxy J1 has at least 30% battery when you start rooting. Otherwise, your device may turn off, causing all kinds of irreversible damage.

Although it is true that when we think about the mobile devices of the people of Samsung, the most normal thing is that we stop at those that are part of their Galaxy S range, we cannot lose sight of others. In this particular case, in fact, we wanted to stop for a moment in everything that the Samsung Galaxy J1 does, to teach one of the most important tutorials about yours.

In principle we have to say that When it comes to rooting the Samsung Galaxy J1, many users have been asking us about whether it is possible, and as with any Android, you can indeed root the Samsung Galaxy J1. But we recommend being prudent, because being a rather recent device, many of them are under warranty, and if we root them, we will lose it.

Beyond this previous clarification, If you continue reading this article, you will find all the necessary information to be able to root the Samsung Galaxy J1 easily and quickly, without any complications. Now, do not worry about the Samsung Galaxy J1 model that you have, as it serves the step by step for the different Kernels, (SM-J100H, SM-J100M, SM-J100MU, SM-J110 etc).

In principle, and beyond particular cases that can be read on different websites or forums, even on social networks, we have to say that rooting the Samsung Galaxy J1 shouldn’t be too complicated a procedure. Of course, we have to be aware that all the steps and points indicated in the video that accompanies the article will have to be followed, since otherwise problems may appear.

Root Samsung Galaxy J1 fast and easy

First of all, it is essential that you have your mobile battery charged to 100%. After this you have to have the Samsung Galaxy J1 USB drivers installed on your computer. In turn, it is important to activate USB debugging which you will find in Settings> Developer options. The point is that, if you don’t have the developer options enabled, you have to activate them. For this we are going to Settings> About phone and then Build number, we press several times until the poster appears confirming that the development options can now be accessed.

Once the above is ready, what we have to do is look for an official firmware which you can get from here. Then you should download Odin on your computer.

How to root Samsung Galaxy J1 without PC?

As we said, in the video that accompanies the article, you will find absolutely all the important data thinking about rooting the Samsung Galaxy J1, to do it even when you are just a beginner in this segment. Even if you don’t have a computer at hand, you will find a way to root the Samsung Galaxy J1 through APK, which shouldn’t cause you too much trouble either.

Beyond that, we consider that some clarifications should be made in this regard, such as that sometimes there are certain problems to access Recovery Mode, as we may be missing downloading some firmware. Beyond that, do not worry too much, because you can always get them through the links that we leave below, according to your device model:

Root Samsung Galaxy J1

Once all the contents of your Samsung Galaxy J1 have been backed up, which we recommend beyond this procedure is completely safe, the next thing you will have to do is continue with steps such as enabling Unknown Sources. Indeed, you have to go to Settings, Security, and look for the option thus named, leaving it active from that moment. When you have done it, the following will be directly download and install the KingRoot APK on your smartphone from this link. Once it is installed, you have to click on the KingRoot icon in the Start menu.

Once KingRoot has opened, you have to click on the button that appears at the bottom of the screen to begin the Root process on your Samsung Galaxy J1. The process will take between one and two minutes, and when it is finished, you will see a green sign on KingRoot indicating its success. Once it is finished, you have to restart your Samsung Galaxy J1 if the device does not do it automatically, With what you will be close to finishing this step by step to take advantage of your Samsung Galaxy J1 like never before.

For the rest, if you’ve never heard of KingRoot before, you should know that it is a powerful and powerful tool, perfect for rooting terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy J1, or any other that has Android as an operating system. For the rest, you will have seen that the procedure is not complicated at all, so in any case, You can leave us all kinds of questions in the comments section, which we will respond to as soon as possible about the root of the Samsung Galaxy J1.