Hacer root en moŐĀvil Meizu

Root How to Root a Meizu Mobile [As√≠ de F√°cil]The smartphone market is so big worldwide …

The smartphone market is so large worldwide that brands willing to eat a piece of this particular cake continue to appear. This is the case of the Chinese Meizu, whose mobile phones are already becoming very popular in Europe. This time we are going to see how root Meizu mobile.

From manufacturing MP3 to manufacturing mobiles

Meizu is a brand of Chinese origin that until not too long ago was specialized in the manufacture of MP3 players. However, the rise of smartphones has practically condemned MP3 to oblivion and the Chinese brand has had to reinvent itself.

Meizu decided a few years ago to enter the smartphone market and has achieved success in that goal that it had set itself. The brand is already very popular in China and is now becoming known in Europe, although acquiring your phones here can still be difficult.

The great value for money of your devices and the Flyme OS operating system, based primarily on Android, have made Meizu mobiles increasingly in demand.

Root Meizu mobile

Root Meizu mobile

We have already told you on occasion that mobile phone manufacturers limit user access to certain aspects of the device. In this way, they prevent, for example, that we can delete the applications that are pre-installed at the factory.

However, this is no longer a problem today, since the vast majority of mobiles can be rooted In a simple way. There are even applications like Root Master that serve to root practically any mobile.

In the specific case of Meizu, the Chinese manufacturer has not wanted to complicate the lives of the users of its mobile phones and all of them factory incorporates a system to be able to root easily and quickly.

The first thing to do is access the menu Device settings. Next we select the icon Flyme (You need to have a Flyme account to follow the process).

In Flyme you will find a number or code that gives you access to other settings of the operating system registry. Once in the Flyme settings, an option will appear at the bottom that will allow you to modify the system privileges, that is where you can make the changes you need operating as the terminal administrator.

Root Meizu mobile

Another option is to click on Open System Privileges. Here the mobile shows you the applications that you can use without having to root the phone and will give you the option to manage root permissions for different applications that you have installed on your Meizu phone.

As you have seen, if you have a Meizu mobile and you want to eliminate the limitations imposed by the manufacturer, you can root in a truly simple way. In just a couple of minutes you will have total control over your device.

We would like to know your opinion about these phones, what do you think of the Meizu brand? Have you tried to root the phones of this brand?