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Ron Johnson, the creator of the Apple Stores, leaves Apple

the creator of the apple stores leaves apple permanently

The web of Manzana no longer hosts the biography of its vice president and head of the Apple Stores. Ron Johnson He has just taken up his new position at the JC Penney chain of stores, despite the fact that he had already expressed his desire to leave Manzana last June.

The adventure of Johnson in Manzana has lasted 11 years and during that time he conceived and implemented the concept of Apple Store which has brought the company so much success around the world, both in terms of sales and public image. Currently the company has more than 350 stores worldwide they have received more than a billion visitors since their appearance in 2001.

One of the main contributions of Johnson in the Apple Stores was the creation of the Genius Bar, the technical advice area where users can solve all kinds of problems with their equipment Manzana.

Johnson he was already known for his retail skills before he joined the Manzana. He worked for 15 years at the Target chain of stores where he managed to unify their product line. Chapter 28 of the biography of Steve Jobs is dedicated exclusively to how these stores were created.