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Remove / Delete Facebook How to Remove the Block to Post on Facebook Have you wanted to post a photo, video or text on Facebook and…

¿You have wanted to publish a photograph, video or text on Facebook and you have found that it is simply impossible because you are blocked in this social network, the most important in the world?

Well, you should know first of all, that it is a much more common problem than we think. And then luckily it has some possible solutions that should not be dismissed.

Therefore, below We are going to teach you what to do when Facebook does not let you publish content and it appears as blocked.

Remove lock from Facebook account

The truth is that mostly when a Facebook account appears blocked, this has to do with the fact that some of the friends we have on the social network, to call them in some way, have reported it due to the content we upload. If those in charge of Facebook consider that the complaint is valid, then there is a chance that they will block your account.

Beyond this, when it comes to an infringement of Facebook regulations, but not a serious infringement, far from it, the truth is that after a couple of days that blockade is directly lifted without major consequences.

Usually, If you were recently blocked by Facebook, the block will most likely last a few hours. There are only a few more serious cases, such as when complaints against your profile are repeated.

Unblock a temporarily blocked Facebook account

In these cases, whenever you want to use the Facebook social network normally again, what you will have to do is closely follow the so-called Facebook Community Rules, which are the internal rules that make up this social network, and whether we like it or not we have to comply if we want to not be blocked again.

After that, we have to wait 12 to 24 hours for the block in question to be removed, since we cannot do many more, as long as it is a minor infraction, as we have been commenting. After that short period of time, there is a 90% chance that we will recover our Facebook account with absolutely all its contents.

In any case, It is advisable that you always try to publish content that is enjoyable, avoiding those that incite hatred, violence, racism, or that may hurt the sensibilities of your friends within this platform.

Were you able to repost on your temporarily blocked Facebook account?