Reading WhatsApp voice messages is possible this way ...

Reading WhatsApp voice messages is possible this way …


Technology always offers us a solution to almost everything, now read WhatsApp voice messages It is possible thanks to an application called Voicer to text for WhatsApp. Voice notes have certainly become more and more popular, but we don’t always have the opportunity to listen to them because we can be busy, in a work meeting and we can even be with our partner asleep.

WhatsApp voice notes are especially useful when the messages that we want to send involve too much information that simply in a text would be too long and before this the ideal is to press and speak, although sometimes the receiver cannot hear it, but there is already a solution to read WhatsApp voice messages.

Read WhatsApp voice messages with an app

The app for read WhatsApp voice messages, Voice to text for WhatsApp, makes a transcription of the voice note received, this is through a machine learning system, in which it recognizes words and phrases through intonation, messages can be converted into text regardless the origin may be from one of your contacts or it may even be one that you have sent yourself.

Use this app you can read WhatsApp voice messages It is very simple:

  • You simply have to select the voice message within the messaging platform
  • Then click on it to choose the Share option
  • Choose Voice to text for WhatsApp

After these simple steps you can read WhatsApp voice messagesIt is important to note that the transcription of the messages may not be faithful to the voice memo, as a result of the recognition of words and the pronunciation of them by the user who sends the message, however, it will always make a fairly understandable text construction.