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Protect your iPhone or iPad in style

protect your iphone or ipad in style

If what you are worried about will spoil your iPhone or iPad are the scratches, rather than the bumps, or what you want is to simply change the texture of your iPhone or iPad When it comes to having it in your hands, what you need is a new skin for your device ios.

LeTrendy not only sells custom cases, or bumpers (protection rings), but these Skin Guards they are very thin sheets that do not increase the size of the devices and that give them a completely different texture from the original, adapting to the designs of Iphone 4 Y 4S, that is, allowing to see the apple.

These leather-textured sheets (made from eco-friendly polyurethane) also protect the back of the iPad 2 Y can be combined with the Apple Smart Cover and with clear screen protectors.

The great advantage is that when you slide the devices, these they do not scratch, since this skin protects and, for the same reason, horizontal drops are also cushioned. But above all it is about giving an elegant and distinctive touch to your iPhone or iPad 2.

Designs of leather, wood, carbon fiber, white, black, etc. If you want to navigate between the different models visit the official website of LeTrendy and you will be surprised how much you can change the appearance of your iPhone or iPad.