Protect Pax, the liquid that protects the mobile from scratches

Protect Pax, the liquid that protects the mobile from scratches


The mobile has practically become an extension of our body and scratches, breaks and accidents are the order of the day. To avoid this type of situation, two German scientists devised a liquid to protect the screen of your mobile called Protect Pax.

This sticky liquid is made of titanium dioxide nanoparticles capable of clogging the small pores that may be in the glass, through which the screens of mobile phones break. The Protect Pax can be used on any phone, tablet and smartwatch and protects them even from hammer blows.

How to use the Protect Pax

First the mobile is turned off and all accessories and cables are removed. The screen is then cleaned with a damp wipe. As it dries, the liquid is placed and spread over the entire surface with another washcloth. Wait 10 minutes. Polish the screen with a third wipe and for 12 months the devices will be water resistant and protected against bacteria.

The Protect Pax It also reduces electromagnetic radiation by 92.7%, improves touch function and prevents fingerprints.

Protect Pax is part of a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo that has already exceeded its goal by more than 500% and customers will start enjoying this product in June 2017.