Pixel 5, features and everything we expect

Pixel 5, features and everything we expect


Between the most anticipated mobiles of 2020 there is the new one from Google. And it is that although we have more or less recent the latest Google devices, the truth is that there are already several rumors of how the next ones would be Pixel 5, caused by Pixel 4 and 4 XL have not been what many expected.

Given the shortcomings of the current Pixel compared to its competition, many of us hope that once and for all Google will hit the table that they deserve some terminals that bear their name and that are manufactured by them.

What is undoubted is that, despite the fact that the design and some details of the latest Pixels have not been entirely successful, we are facing devices that are at the height of the best, at least in performance, since Google develops each new Android explicitly thinking of its devices, as Apple also does with the iPhone.

Pixel 5 features

As for its interior, it is still too early to have more or less reliable information, although everyone assumes that it will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 as a processor, along with 8 GB RAM, since Google traditionally mounts less RAM than its competitors, because they do not need it as Android is so perfectly integrated.

Regarding the storage there is nothing clear, since there are rumors where they say that it will bring 64 GB or 128 GB as there are that raise that amount to 512 GB.

Displays point to 5.7-inch OLED sensors for the Pixel 5 and 6.3 inches for the Pixel 5 XL with a 90Hz refresh rate, so it would fall a bit below several of its opponents who have already made the jump to 120Hz.

What we have clear is that when it comes to connectivity, there will be no shortage of the latest of the latest such as WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5, satellite connectivity compatible with all existing types or NFC.

We do not know the battery that it will bring, but if we can know a data regarding the load thanks to the recently presented Developer Preview version of Android 11. In this first contact with what will be the new operating system that will be released by the Pixel 5, we see that a reverse charging system is integrated, that is, the new Google terminals will be able to charge each other or charge other phones with this same system, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, just by placing their backs one in front of the other.

What we expect from the new Pixels

Pixel 5The Pixel 5 would also arrive in white

There are many things that Pixel 4 They could improve, not so much in performance and fluidity, but rather in details that made it feel like we were not in front of a phone all the top that they wanted to make us see from the great G.

Fingerprint sensor in Pixel 5

One of the first wishes that we could express to Google to incorporate in the Pixel 5 It is the fingerprint sensor, something that is not present in the Pixel 4. We understand that the facial sensor was not bad at all, but the option of unlocking was very limited.

If this new Pixel model incorporated a fingerprint reader under the screen, as all its competition carries, it would make it more attractive to a large public that already understands this sensor as practically essential.

Battery in Pixel 5

The Pixel 4 did not have many mAh to spare. This did not mean that their autonomy was bad at all, but we understood that with a battery more in line with the competition, they could reach really good figures.

Well, we hope so in these new Pixel 5, a battery in line with what the new ones carry Xiaomi Mi 10 For example, something that a priori will allow him to have an autonomy that many of his opponents will hardly be able to achieve.

Camera on Pixel 5

The photographic section has never been bad in the Pixels, we all agree on that. But we have to admit that when we see the specifications of the Google Pixel, we wonder what they would be able to do if their sensors were of a similar power to the rest of the so-called high-end terminals.