Cómo Crear un Acceso Directo a una Página Web en el Escritorio de mi PC

PC Tutorials How to Create a Shortcut to a Web Page on the Desktop? Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft Edge Much of the time we spend sitting in front of the computer is …

Much of the time we spend sitting in front of the computer is spent surfing the Internet, and that is why as the days go by we visit hundreds of websites, some of which become common.

If you are one of the users who visit the same sites almost every day or if you want to keep track of any page you have visited, you have to know that there is a practically essential tutorial in these cases.

It basically consists of generating a direct access to the site on the desktop of your Windows computer., so that simply by clicking on this icon you can open the site in the selected browser.

The best thing about this tutorial is that it can be carried out with the main browsers on the market, so below we are going to show you the step by step you have to follow to create desktop shortcuts in Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

All you need to be able to develop this procedure is have a computer with Internet access, and of course, with one of the previously mentioned browsers installed on your team.

Create a shortcut to a website on the Desktop with Microsoft Edge

Let’s start then with the step by step to create a direct access to a website on the desktop of our PC with the Microsoft Edge browser, the replacement for Internet Explorer from the Redmond company. Follow this procedure:

  • Open the Edge browser as usual and go to the website in question
  • From the menu that appears in the upper right corner, select the option to Pin a shortcut. You can decide if you want to do it in the Home or in the Task Bar, according to what you prefer

Create a shortcut to a website on the Desktop with Google Chrome

Users of the Chrome browser, the one developed by the people of Google, also have an interesting step by step that can be followed in these cases, which consists of the following procedure:

  • Open a new Chrome window in the usual way and go to the page that interests you
  • From the menu button of the browser go to More tools and then to Add to Desktop
  • At that moment a direct access to this site will be created on your Desktop, almost without wasting time

Create a shortcut to a website on the Desktop with Mozilla Firefox

And finally we have the case of another of the most famous browsers in the world, in the case of Mozilla Firefox, about which we must say that the procedure is more or less the same as in the previous cases, the following:

  • Open Firefox and then go to the website you want to create a shortcut for
  • When you are in it, you have to click on the padlock that appears in the address bar next to the name of the site
  • When you do, you will see the Desktop and you can move the site to any free space that is in it

It is about as you can see a very simple procedure that is in fact available in many of the main browsers on the marketso don’t hesitate to take advantage of it next time you can.

Finally and before finishing we did not want to stop mentioning that If you use a browser in which you cannot find this option, you can always carry it out in the same way, by clicking with the right button of the mouse on any free area of ​​the Desktop.

At that time you must select the option again Direct access, indicating the path of our browser followed by the -url parameter, which must obviously precede the direct access in question.

Once you have created the icon on the Desktop you can drag it to the Task Bar or do anything else.