PC Tutorials How to Connect Two Computers to a Single Monitor Today, most people get two or more ...

PC Tutorials How to Connect Two Computers to a Single Monitor Today, most people get two or more …

Today, most people get two or more computers. In some cases, they don’t use one for lack of a monitor. Because they do not know that it can be connected to two computers.

In this post we will teach you in detail all the steps on how to connect two computers to a single monitor. In this way you will realize that, if possible, how you will also save space and money. Since it will not be necessary to buy another. Since with a single monitor you can enjoy both CPUs, without any problem.

What is Needed?

Before starting with each of the steps, it is important to know that for this to be possible, a device must be purchased that will serve to make the respective connection. Such a tool is called a VGA Switch Box.

The materials that will be needed to be able to specify the two computers to the monitor are:

  • 1 monitor
  • 2 Computer Hard Disk
  • VGA Distribution Box
  • VGA adapters

After having each of the appropriate tools to make the connection of both monitors, it is necessary that you take into account some security measures. To protect your equipment.

In this sense, the first thing to do is make sure that the computers are turned off. Next you should check how many VGA connectors your monitor has. Since if it is old, you probably only have one (If this is your case, you must buy a Switch, which contains 2 VGA inputs).

Normally, today most computers already have these inputs included. In such a case, the connection is easier; since nothing else should be purchased or connected.

Which are the steps to follow?

After having everything in order, the steps you must follow are the following:

Adapter connection

  • Check that the two computers are compatible with the VGA / SVGS video signal.
  • In case some of the two computers do not have this feature, you must buy an adapter according to the device.
  • After verifying that the inputs are compatible or having purchased an adapter. Connect one of the VGA ends to the VGA input on your computer. It is important that the VGA connector is fully aligned. So that it can be easily inserted into the slots contained in the port.
  • Next you must turn the screws that are located at the bottom of the VGA connector. In order to ensure that the cable remains in place.
  • The other end of the cable should be plugged into the VGA port output. In this case it would be the VGA connection box.

Monitor connection

After having connected the adapter; we proceed to plug in the connections of both monitors.

  • For this you must take one of the VGA cables (computer 1) and plug it into the adapter input, corresponding to computer 1.
  • In the case of team 2, you must apply the same step.
  • Then, what remains is to plug the cable from the VGA junction box into an outlet, to check its operation.

Finally, it is important that you bear in mind that to check its functionality is usually very simple. As, usually the VGA junction box has the configuration option. Where you can select either of the two teams or both at the same time.