Cambiar el Formato de un Vídeo o Audio Sin Usar Programas

PC Tutorials How to Change the Format of a Video or Audio Without Using Programs Especially those people who constantly work with different files from …

Especially those people who constantly work with different audio and video files, will know that much of what we can do with them depends on the format they are in.

What happens is that sometimes, one format or another can tremendously limit the options to follow, and that is why in this article we want to teach you some good tricks to change the format of a video or audio without having to resort to external programs.

In this way, when you have modified the format of the files in question, you will have the possibility to do with them whatever you want, such as playing or running them in new programs, reducing their size, etc.

Most common video and audio formats

Of course before we get into it we did not want to stop mentioning some of the most common audio and video formats with which we can find, so that you know its characteristics in detail.

Common video formats

  • AVI: it is one of the most common formats. They can be played on almost any program and have a very good quality.
  • MOV– A format developed by Apple, which we recommend playing with the QuickTime program, and which is very useful for publishing on the Internet.
  • MPEG: a standard format for compressing digital videos, very versatile.
  • FLV: a format specially designed to be reproduced in Adobe Flash, with the particularity that it supports streaming content as well.

Common audio formats

  • MP3: undoubtedly the most popular in this field, due to the little space it occupies and the good quality it transmits.
  • Wav: another very common format. Developed by Microsoft, it stands out for its excellent quality.
  • OGG: it is one of the most recent formats, standing out for being a free and open source alternative.
  • MIDI: a very interesting format because we can reproduce it in almost any program without problems

How to convert and change the format of a video or audio

Well, if for any reason you need convert the format of a video or audio and you want to do it but without having to depend on external programs, we are going to show you the steps you must follow in these cases:

  • First find the audio or video you want to change the format of
  • Go to Control Panel, and go to File Explorer Options
  • There you have to go to the View tab
  • Then go to Advanced Settings and there to Hide file extensions for known file types. You have to remove the check
  • Then you give Apply and OK
  • From that you will see the extension of the files as part of the name of each file
  • To modify this format, you have to right click on the file in question and enter Rename
  • There you just have to delete the original extension and write the one you want, saving the changes
  • When you have done it, the file will already be in the new format and not in the old one, with the changes that this generates on it

The best programs to change the format of a video

Now, in case the previous procedure is not useful, either because you want to convert the format of several files at the same time or for any other reason, just you have to look at one of these programs that we recommend:

  • Handbrake: one of the best options of its kind, perfect for modifying all the video files you want.
  • Any Video Converter– Another very good alternative in that field, one that is compatible with almost all video formats.
  • FFmpeg: Even being a free program, it has better functions than several paid ones.