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PC Tutorials How to avoid being spied on by the webcam of my PC or Windows Laptop Computers are fundamental in the lives of many people. Each…

Computers are fundamental in the lives of many people. More and more households have, even if it is a computer at home. And generally a webcam is always present even if you don’t have a laptop.

The problem is that computers that are connected to the internet can always be victims of an attack by some kind of malware or malicious people trying to get sensitive information.

One of the big problems that many people had to face is the fact that they have been spied on in their own home with the webcam of their computers.

This is a serious problem that can be avoided by making certain changes to our PC that we are going to discuss below. This tutorial is quite simple and you can learn how to avoid being spied on my webcam. It is very important that you pay attention if you have a webcam on your PC.

Avoid being Spying on me with the Webcam

Something that is essential is having a good firmware on our computer and that it is kept updated at all times. Windows has default firmware that does a pretty good job. Although on the net you can find a large number of better quality alternatives.

The webcams come with a default username and password. In the same way that happens with Wifi, for example. It is essential that you change that username and password to one that is more secure and difficult to decipher.

The password is essential and possibly one of the best barriers to prevent someone from spying on us with our webcam. For this you need to have a large variety of characters, the ideal is approximately 10.

As to how to create a strong password. We recommend that you use symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, but also numbers.

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Deactivate my webcam forever

One of the ideas that could work, although it has its disadvantages, is to deactivate our Webcam forever. Although you could do it momentarily, when you turn it on we could have the same problem, so that another option is to stop using it.

Although the disadvantage is that we will not be able to use it, especially if we use work or social relationships, it may not be our best option. But if it is not essential to keep it active, we can perfectly well ban it for life. In this way we will be avoiding effective way that some cybercriminal stroll through our private spaces and spy on us. There is the possibility that, remotely, control our webcam. If we keep it disconnected, this should not happen.

Although this last alternative is effective only on desktop computers, considering that deactivating the webcam will be enough, on a laptop the procedure will be different. In this case, a simple option is to cover it and it could be quite functional. Although if we add to this the disconnection from the Device Manager, we will be providing greater security. When doing this, the Operating System will not identify the Webcam, so whoever tries to enter remotely, will not find it.

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How To Prevent My Webcam From Being Hacked

People trying to hack a webcam they try to do it through the ports that come by default. We recommend that you change the ports to one of range 8100 or higher.

Something very important is that you verify the address records IP used by the webcam. In this way, if you find an IP address that is not yours, it means that someone is spying on you through your computer’s camera.