PC Applications How to know if a photo is edited or with filters One of the great advantages of photo editing is ...

PC Applications How to know if a photo is edited or with filters One of the great advantages of photo editing is …

One of the great advantages of editing photos is being able to make them look “more perfect”. When you edit a photo you can hide a lot. From blemishes to the background, changing colors, etc. Although obviously everything will depend on the skills of whoever edits it.

Filters are another way to edit the photo, although obviously much more limited, with the filters can change the tones and make it much more attractive. It is ideal for those people who like to take a lot of selfies.

How to know if a photo has filters

Many people have that doubt: How to know if a photo is edited or with filters. Today we are going to talk about this. Because today it is quite common for most people to upload photos to social networks that have been edited or at least have filters.

We have many online tools that can detect if some kind of editing was used in a photograph. It doesn’t matter if Photoshop was used to edit the photo or some filter. It is possible to detect it.

Check if a photo is edited

One of these tools is JPEGsnoop, quite popular and able to detect if a photograph was edited. The only thing you need to use this application is simply to have the photo in question and upload it to the website of JPEGsnoop to check if it was edited or not.

Likewise, it is not the only one that exists in this category. We can also meet with Photo Forensics which automatically recognizes if a photo is edited in any way. It is quite effective and can notify you where it was edited or if the entire photo in question has some kind of filter.

It is more than clear that these services are not perfect. Therefore, some margin of error may exist. Although it is considerably accurate when it comes to seeing if any photos were edited. Above all, when filters are added, especially if these are from Instagram, which are all quite basic.

What you can do to verify that they really work. It is to take a picture of yourself and then edit it, save an original and upload both to the two applications that we recommend above. In this way, you will be able to see if they are really able to recognize when a photo has an edit or some kind of filter was applied to it.

You will be surprised with the results that the two applications in question can be able to give you that work wonderfully. The best of all is that both they are quite intuitive and simple to use, also free. So you won’t have to pay a single penny to check that your friends have edited photos.