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Panasonic Introduces New P2HD AG-HPX600 Professional Camera

Panasonic you will physically present your new P2HD AG-HPX600 during the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2.012) It will start tomorrow in Amsterdam and will continue until next Tuesday, September 11.

Panasonic Introduces New Professional P2HD Camera AG-Hpx600

The P2HD AG-HPX600 is a 2/3 “shoulder camera that fits a wide variety of interchangeable lenses, with a compact body of approximately 2.8 Kg weight, which is one of the smallest in the industry today. Count with one MOS sensor that reaches a sensitivity of F13 at 50 Hz, and low noise thanks to its 59 dB S / N ratio. It includes multiple HD / SD codecs, such as AVC-Intra100 / 50, DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, and DV.

In addition to these basic features, others are available as an option that increase the flexibility of this professional team depending on the use that will be given to them in the company in question. Some of these optional functions are the possibility of network connectivity or variable frame rate (VFR). It is also compatible with new P2HD technologies As the AVC-ULTRA codec and the microP2 card.

As we have already commented in the lead, the P2HD AG-HPX600 from Panasonic will be available starting this month for a price of 13,800 EUR, which clearly leaves it only available to professional users.