Consumo de datos y llamadas

Orange tutorials How to check my data consumption and calls in Orange, Vodafone and Movistar One of the best known telecommunications companies in Spain is …

One of the best known telecommunications companies in Spain is undoubtedly Orange, for more than ten years offering a good service and adding more and more customers.

Many people wonder how to check my consumption in Orange since the last bill, It is a fairly reasonable doubt and luckily, from the internet to solve it is considerably easy. In case you don’t have much idea how to check my consumption in Orange, we made a step-by-step guide, as detailed as possible so that you can, in this way, know how much you will have to pay next month.

Check my consumption since the last bill in Orange

  • What you are going to do is go to the Orange website:
  • Evidently it is necessary to have a username and password In order to see our consumption, to be able to do so it is necessary to register in case you do not have an account. To do this you have to register by clicking on where it says new user in the customer area box, this is on the right.
  • In the new window we will be able to create the new user. You are asked to enter the phone number and then click where it says request password, You should receive an SMS with the password so you can enter.
  • On the main Orange website, you have to go to where it says customer area, now if you can put your phone number and the password that you have just been sent via SMS, then enter.
  • You are already in the client area, so you can see all the information of your account basically. On the left you can find a good amount of options, the one that interests you is the one that says consumption, in that place you can see what you are consuming and you should pay the next bill.
  • If you look, in one part it says see consumption detail, there you can see everything in more detail.

As you will see, it is not exactly a complicated process, quite the opposite, and in a matter of a few minutes you will already know how much you are consuming and in this way to be able to be a little calmer and as I said before, to be able to keep track of what you spend in a more agile way, since you can carry out all this process from both a computer and a mobile phone.

How to check data consumption and calls on Vodafone

To check the consumption of your data in Vodafone You have several options: from the application, from the web, and through a query code. Depending on the option you choose, the way to do it will be different.

Data and call consumption

Consultation of data consumption and calls from the App

  • If you do not have the application, it will be necessary to download it. Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Use your credentials to enter the app.
  • Select option Consumption.
  • Ready, you will get the amount of megabytes consumed, calls, SMS, and any other service you have.

Consultation of data consumption and calls from the Web

  • You must enter the Vodafone website and enter the client area.
  • Access My Vodafone with your password and username.
  • Enter the section “My products” and locate the phone number.
  • You will find a “Summary” tab that will indicate the total consumption generated in the month.

Consultation of data consumption and calls through the code

  • Brand only *123# and calls.
  • You must dial 1 and then again 1. You will receive a text message with the total consumption.

How to check data consumption and calls in Movistar

With Movistar you also have several options to check your data consumption and calls, especially through a phone call to 2266. But you can also request such consumption through a SMS to 22662. You can request it so that you automatically receive a notification on a monthly basis.

Data consumption and Movistar calls

Another option that works great for control our consumption, is setting a limit. You can request this at 22663, by programming a notice regarding the selected amount, in such a way that when you have consumed 80%, you will automatically receive an SMS on your mobile, generating a notice. Even if you have consumed the full amount, you will not necessarily stop using your mobile, it will only work for personal control.