OnePlus 6, price and best offers to buy right now

OnePlus 6, price and best offers to buy right now


After launch of the OnePlus 6, we explain how you can buy the OnePlus 6 to price demolition with the best offers of this mobile that will go on sale from next May 22. As you read: The OnePlus 6, one of the best mobiles of 2018, for the first time you can buy on amazon in Spain beyond the website of the Chinese company. This agreement is very important for the growth of the company in Europe and will complement OnePlus’ online presence at

The OnePlus 6 price varies depending on your configuration:

  • OnePlus 6, price: 519 euros (64 GB)
  • OnePlus 6, price: 569 euros (128 GB)
  • OnePlus 6, price: 619 euros (256 GB)

The fact: If you buy the OnePlus 6 from its website they will give you the new wireless headphones Bullets Wireless presented by the company, an offer that makes the sale of this Smartphone much more attractive.

Although Amazon will be strategically the electronic seller of the OnePlus 6 in Europe, the phone will also arrive in the next few days to other online stores so they must be aware of the offers that may arise and which we will inform you about here

The OnePlus 6 price, makes it clear that the Chinese manufacturer opted for great evolutions of its previous models to continue offering an alternative to high-end phones competing for design, features, fluidity and lower price, this last feature always present in this company’s mobiles. So the OnePlus 6, it can become an excellent choice of mobile value for money.