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Office for iPad will soon have print functionality

It cannot be said that Microsoft’s iPad suite is intrinsically unable to print or that there are problems connecting to Apple’s AirPrint service, but Word, PowerPoint and Excel simply do not have that printing function, as confirmed in a document. support that includes the application itself.

To be fair, Apple’s iPad lacked a native printing feature until 2009, a year after its launch. And the AirPrint service, which connects the iPad wirelessly, only works with a small group of printers that can connect to the Internet wirelessly and support its protocol. Perhaps because of how strange it is still to print from an iPad, this lack of Office has not been widely criticized.

In any case, Microsoft representatives imply that the printing function will be added in future versions of Office for iPad, and that they are developing for the productivity scenarios that this device usually faces, such as making a presentation in PowerPoint, review and annotate in a document in Word or make changes in an Excel table.

Office for iPad offers document viewing of the same quality as if it were done on a PC or Mac. Its applications have a familiar appearance and have been developed for touch operation. In addition, we can be sure that when working with a document from the iPad, neither its content nor its format will be lost.

Microsoft sources assure that the update rate of Office for iPad will be similar to that of other applications, such as OneNote for iPad or the Office 365 service, which continuously provide new functions. In fact, since the launch of Office 365 last year, 100 updates to business and consumer services have been released that have improved the subscription offering to this service.

It’s a Mark Hackman story. PC World.