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Office Applications How to Put a Horizontal Page in Word On many occasions it happens that we need to do a job in Word, …

On many occasions it happens that we need to do a job in Word, but instead of the sheet being horizontal, we need it to be vertical. Today we are going to see how to change a page in Word from portrait to landscape in very few steps.

This tutorial is quite simple and will be very useful for any kind of person, whether they have advanced knowledge of Word or are just taking their first steps. Let’s see in detail everything we have to do to be able to accommodate the sheet horizontally.

Change sheet from vertical to horizontal

As soon as we create a new Word document, it is by default in vertical. This is generally quite comfortable because most of the time we use the blade in this way.

However, on some occasions it may end up being more useful to use the horizontal sheet. Therefore, I will give you the following instructions so that you can carry out this modification.

The first thing you will have to do is go to the tab above and look for the one that says “Page design”To have all the options that we are going to use.

Now what you have to do is click where it says “Orientation”And then a small menu appears with two options: Vertical and Horizontal. In this way, all the pages that are created will change automatically. It doesn’t matter if you do a page break, the following sheets will keep this format.

In case you want only one sheet of the entire document to be horizontal. So what you are going to have to do is leave the mouse over the sheet that you want to modify. After this you have to go to the icon that says “Margins“And then among all the options that appear, you will go to the bottom that says”Custom margins”.

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Change Word page from Portrait to Landscape

After doing that, a pop-up window opens with a few options. Here you will have to go to the orientation part and choose “Horizontal”. Now you’re going to have to go to “Apply to”And select“From now on”In order to keep the vertical orientation on the pages before this.

In case you only want that page horizontally and nothing more than that page. So what you have to do is place the mouse over the page that you want to modify and that is after the one that you already modified previously and instead of selecting in “Margins”The horizontal orientation, you will leave it by default and in“Apply a “select”From now on”.

In short, you have to repeat the process that we discussed earlier, but on the next page so that all the others remain vertical.

Once you do that, you will see that the Word pages before the one you modified remain vertical while the new page is horizontal.