Office Applications How to Prepare an Original Power Point Presentation Microsoft wanted to provide PowerPoint users with a large number ...

Office Applications How to Prepare an Original Power Point Presentation Microsoft wanted to provide PowerPoint users with a large number …

Microsoft wanted to provide PowerPoint users with a host of tools. But this does not mean that you should use them all. These are some of the key things to keep in mind.

Try to stay away from using the default fonts from Microsoft Office, Calibri, and Cambria. Using these two fonts can make your presentation look disappointing.

Professionals should never use PPT action sounds. (Please consider your audience above personal preference).

Create Custom Slide Sizes

  1. In the upper left corner, choose “Archive“.
  2. Select “Page setup“.
  3. Enter the height and width of the background you want and click “To accept“.
  4. A dialog box will appear.
  5. Click on “To accept” again.
  6. Your background is resized!

Edit your Slide Template Design

  1. Select “Topics“in the top navigation.
  2. On the far right.
  3. Click on “Edit teacher“, Then in “Slide master“.
  4. Make the changes you want, then click “Close Master”.
  5. All current slides and Future ones in that presentation will use that template.

Make sure All your Objects are Correctly Aligned

  1. Select all objects by holding down “Capital letters“and clicking on all of them.
  2. Select “Organize” in the top options bar, then choose “Align or Distribute“.
  3. Choose the type of alignment you want.
  4. How to align objects with the slide:
  • Select all objects by pressing “Shift“and clicking on all of them.
  • Choose “Organize“in the upper options bar, then choose”Align or Distribute“.
  • Click on “Align to slide”.
  • Click on “Organize“in the top options bar again, then choose”Align or Distribute“.
  • Choose the type of alignment you want.

Use “Menu Formatting” to Better Control Your Object Designs

  1. Wrap text within a shape.
  2. Creating a natural perspective shadow behind an object.
  3. Recolor photos manually and with automatic options.

Take advantage of PowerPoint Shapes

Many users don’t realize how flexible PowerPoint’s shape tools have become. In combination with the expanded format options released by Microsoft in 2016.

The potential for good shape design is readily available. PowerPoint offers the user a lot of great shape options that go beyond the traditional rectangular rectangles.

Oval and roundedUnlike professional design programs like Adobe Creative Suite or Quark, today’s shapes include a highly functional Smart Shapes feature.

Letting you create diagrams and flowcharts in no time. These tools are especially valuable when you consider that PowerPoint is a visual medium.

Create Custom Shapes

  1. When you select two shapes.
  2. Right click and go to submenu “Group“to see a variety of options.
  3. Combine creates a custom shape that has overlapping parts of the previous two clipped shapes.
  4. Union makes a completely merged shape.
  5. Intersect creates a shape from only the overlapping sections of the previous two shapes.
  6. Subtract cuts the overlapping part one way from the other.
  7. By using these tools instead of trying to edit points accurately.
  8. You can create precisely measured custom shapes.

Crop Images into Custom Shapes

  1. Click on the image and select “Format“in the options bar.
  2. Choose “Trim“, then” Mask to shape “and then choose the shape you want.
  3. Photos in personalized form.
  4. Learn more about imaging for your marketing channels in the video below.