OpenOffice para graficos en windows

Office Applications How to make a line, circular or bar graph with OpenOffice in Excel One of the best known programs is undoubtedly OpenOffice the …

One of the best known programs is undoubtedly OpenOffice, the great alternative to Microsoft Office for which we do not have to pay a single penny. With this suite we have all the tools that Microsoft offers us, but totally free. Achieving in this way to have a high quality product without having to pay a single penny and in a totally legal way.

Today we are going to see how to create a graph in Windows in a simple way thanks to OpenOffice. So that anyone can create a great graphic without having to depend on this program that has a very high price.

Learn how you can make a chart in OpenOficce

  • The first thing you are going to do is download OpenOffice from its official website. Once downloaded you will simply have to install it.
  • Then you are going to have to open it. You can do it from> Start> All Programs> search for OpenOffice and> OpenOffice Calc.
  • Create a new data table.
  • Now you will have to highlight said data table, after this you will have to choose the option that says “Insert” and then “Graphic”. These options can be found in the main menu.
  • Once you do this, a pop-up window appears that would be the graphic assistant.
  • What you must do here is choose the type of graph you want and after that simply click on “Finalize”.

Creating a chart in Windows with OpenOffice is free

It is not complicated at all modify the chart and add all the options you need. All you have to do is double click on the table to modify. Then in case you want to change something specific with the right click of the mouse you can change any kind of specific element.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the data table makes an absolute reference to the cells that you are originally selecting. So you should keep in mind that cut and paste moves the references to the new cells. At the same time, you should also keep in mind that OpenOffice has all tools to work in the same way that Microsoft Office does. Simply that the options are arranged in a slightly different way.

Make linear, pie and bar graphs in OpenOffice

Make line, pie or bar charts very easy like Excel

The OpenOffice program allows us not only to design simple boring graphics, but also You can enhance, color and define the shapes of the graphs that you make in the program equivalent to Excel to your liking, creating in turn squares with relevant information. This version is ideal for all those who need to keep track and indicators of their work but do not have the way to install Microsoft Office licenses.

You can use the similarities of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, among others to expand your office automation range and be able to write reports, make presentations and even keep accounting with the quite wide options that this program offers. OpenOffice is a totally free program that you can download and install on any Windows computer without going through the box. Another very positive thing about this program is that it is considerably light so you will not need more capacity on your PC and in a matter of a few minutes it will be working on your computer very efficiently.

Are there multiple versions of OpenOffice?

Yes, currently the company OpenOffice has been in charge of creating new versions of this program expanding its scope and functionality. Each one oriented to the needs that may arise among people with jobs related to office automation. In fact, there is great confusion between the differences of OpenOffice and Apache OpenOffice, since both have very great similarities in the development of their system.

It should be noted that all the aforementioned programs They are compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux computers. Allowing you to develop excellent graphics, for free and best of all, the files created with this program are compatible with the range of Microft Office. So you will not have problems if you usually use several devices and one of them has Office.