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Office Applications How to Know the Number of Pages Written in Wordpad WordPad is a basic word processing program that comes …

¿Cómo Saber el Número Páginas Escritas en Wordpad?

WordPad is a basic word processing program that comes pre-installed with recent versions of Windows operating systems. ¿How to Know the Number of Pages Written in Wordpad?

WordPad allows users to change basic settings such as font types and styles, paragraph options, as well as insert images and drawings.

If you plan to print your WordPad document, there is only one way to find out how many pages are in it before printing.

How to Know the Number of Pages Written in Wordpad?

  • Open your WordPad document.
  • Click the main “WordPad” button in the upper left.
  • Hover over “Print” and then select “Print Preview” when the menu expands.
  • Press the “Down” arrow key on your keyboard to scroll through the pages.
  • The page numbers will be displayed at the bottom of each page.
  • Press and hold the “Down” arrow key to scroll through pages quickly.
  • When the pages stop scrolling.
  • You have reached the end of the WordPad document.
  • Make a note of the final page number if you like.

WordPad Keyboard Shortcut Keys

  • Ctrl + N: Create a new document
  • Ctrl + O: Open an existing document
  • Ctrl + S: Save changes to a document
  • F12: Save the document as a new file
  • Ctrl + P: Print a document
  • Alt + F4: Close WordPad
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo a change
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo a change
  • Ctrl + A: Select the entire document
  • Ctrl + X: Cut a selection
  • Ctrl + C: Copy a selection to the Clipboard
  • Ctrl + V: Paste a selection from the Clipboard
  • Ctrl + B: Make selected text bold
  • Ctrl + I: Italicize selected text
  • Ctrl + U: Underline selected text
  • Ctrl + =: Make selected text subscript
  • Ctrl + Shift + =: Superscript selected text
  • Ctrl + L: Align text to the left
  • Ctrl + E: Align text center
  • Ctrl + R: Align text to the right
  • Ctrl + J: Justify text
  • Ctrl + 1: Set single line spacing
  • Ctrl + 2: Set double line spacing
  • Ctrl + 5: Set line spacing to 1.5
  • Ctrl + Shift + +: Increase font size
  • Ctrl + Shift + <: reduce the font size>
  • Ctrl + Shift + A: Change characters to uppercase
  • Ctrl + Shift + L: Change the bullet style
  • Ctrl + D: Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing
  • Ctrl + F: Find text in a document
  • F3: Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog
  • Ctrl + H: Replace text in a document
  • Ctrl + Left Arrow: Move the cursor one word to the left
  • Ctrl + Right Arrow: Move the cursor one word to the right
  • Ctrl + Up Arrow: Move the cursor to the line above
  • Ctrl + Down Arrow: Moves the cursor to the line below
  • Ctrl + Home: Move to the beginning of the document
  • Ctrl + End: Move to the end of the document
  • Ctrl + Page Down: Moves up one page
  • Ctrl + Page Down: Moves down one page
  • Ctrl + Delete: Delete the next word
  • F10: Show information about keys
  • Shift + F10: Show current shortcut menu
  • F1: Open WordPad Help