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Nokia Here, Nokia maps on iOS and Android

This decision comes after the purchase of Earthmine and will make Nokia compete more head-to-head with Google, Apple, and companies like TomTom. Nokia will use the Here brand for its entire platform and hopes that by expanding it beyond its own terminals, it will benefit from greater scalability and better service capabilities.

As a first step in this strategy, Nokia will launch Here on iOS in the coming weeks. This version will be based on HTML5 but will look like a native application, according to Nokia. The company has not clarified whether it is developing a native application for iOS or not. It will offer maps, navigation, traffic, public transport information and more.

Nokia has already asked the App Store for approval and it will be offered at no cost to the user. Of course, it will only offer navigation for pedestrians, not for vehicles.

Additionally, the Here SDK for Android will be available in the first quarter of 2013, allowing developers to include Here Maps and make use of the location information in their own applications.

Additionally, Nokia will also work with Mozilla to include Here Maps in Firefox OS.