Nilox DOC Skate, the scooter with remote control can now be ...

Nilox DOC Skate, the scooter with remote control can now be …


Electric skates resist going out of style and is that Nilox announces a new version of the Nilox DOC Skate, a scooter that works with a remote control. The Nilox DOC Skate with remote control was first heard during the IFA 2016 international fair in Berlin and has finally arrived in Spain.

EL Nilox DOC Skate has a comfortable and modern design, this electric scooter is the perfect alternative for those who have a passion for surfing and snowboarding, now they have an option to run around the city.

An interesting attribute of the Nilox DOC Skate is that it comes with a small remote control with which you can select the direction of travel, either forward or reverse; as well as selecting the speed, moving the joystick forward to accelerate, or backward to reduce speed or brake.

Nilox DOC Skate: the power of the electric scooter

In addition, the control of the Nilox DOC Skate allows you to select between two different modes: the slow mode, suitable for those who are beginners and with which they can reach a maximum speed of up to 6 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds; or the fast mode, for the more experienced and with which you can reach 15 kilometers per hour in just 5 seconds.

The autonomy of the Nilox DOC Skate is 25 kilometers, that is, an average of two hours of use and it recharges in two and a half hours.

Michele Bertacco, director of Nilox pointed out: “As we did with the DOC hoverboard and with the DOC Pro, we want to offer different vehicles to move around the city in an ecological and sustainable way, as well as fun. Nilox DOC Skate is the ideal vehicle for people who like to skate in the surf style and who hate the slopes of the city ”.

The Nilox Doc Skate electric scooter has a technology based on a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a combined use algorithm, which allows its user to experience a feeling of freedom. It is a fairly light scooter with just 6 kilograms and it is easy to transport thanks to the integrated handle on the platform.

The skateboard board is made of resistant materials that can support a person weighing up to 100 kilograms. Nilox DOC Skate is priced at 649 euros for the classic version and 699 euros for the DOC + version that includes bluetooth connectivity to listen to music.