Nexus Band, the low-cost bracelet that Google will launch in ...

Nexus Band, the low-cost bracelet that Google will launch in …


Google could join Fitbit, Xiaomi and Jawbone in the race for fitness trackers in 2016 thanks to the inexpensive Nexus Band bracelet. This is the most recent prediction from CCS Insight, who have indicated that next year the tech giant will launch a fitness bracelet with a lightweight version of Android Wear.

“Google cannot afford to lose all the information generated by millions of fitness bracelets to support its users’ data, to increase the value of advertising sales and to establish a solid base in this market share”, they said from CCS Insight.

When looking at the market for fitness bracelets, it makes a lot of sense that Google wants to break into this market. Fitbit and Xiaomi are dominating wearable sales, with millions of devices sold to date. Therefore, if Google really wants its bracelet to reach as many wrists as possible, you have to build an interesting device.

CCS Insight made the same predictions for the world of wearable devices for 2016 and the next few years. It is estimated that Fitbit will be the first company of its kind to sell 100 million units by the end of 2017, this in part, according to the research, because it is the brand of fitness bracelets with the largest followers and partners in the United States.