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New Apple Patent: Is A Flexible iPhone On The Way?

In an application filed with the United States Patent Office, titled Flexible Battery Structure, Apple describes several battery design concepts that in the future could allow you to create foldable or curved versions of its most popular products.

According to the description, the flexible batteries would be used in “portable electronic devices”, which could range from the iPhone and iPad to portable computers like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Of all of them, the idea of ​​a foldable iPhone will be by far. the most exciting for Apple fans.

As always when we talk about patent applications, we must point out that it is by no means certain that the technology described ends up in consumer products. Tech companies routinely apply for patents that they are only vaguely interested in pursuing on the basis of “just in case”, or to confuse their rivals.

But given the growing interest in flexible devices (the most famous of which is the Samsung Galaxy Fold), there is reason to expect that Apple’s interest in flexible batteries will extend beyond the planning phase.

The original article is published on our sister website MacWorld Sweden.