Netherlands puts traffic lights on the ground

Netherlands puts traffic lights on the ground


A small municipality in the Netherlands placed traffic lights on the ground to avoid traffic accidents. The reason? Passersby walk looking at their mobiles and not at road signs. Faced with this situation, the Bodegraven-Reeuwijk authorities placed LED lighting on the ground. This way, people won’t have to lift their heads.

Although place traffic lights on the ground It may be an exaggerated measure, Kees Oskam, councilor of the municipality commented for an Omroepwest review that more and more passers-by are distracted by mobile phones using social networks, playing games or checking WhatsApp, which is why it is necessary as a government take action to avoid accidents.

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Traffic lights on the ground, how do they work?

The traffic lights on the ground, which is actually LED lighting as a light barrier, are arranged on each side of the crossings enabled for pedestrians. It shows the two main states in gear, red and green, and flashes when close to gear.

This project is known as + LightLine, a way of connecting the traffic lights to the LED light strips placed on the pavement. The HIG Traffic Sistems company is responsible for this test system project.

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Although the idea of traffic lights on the ground It has been implemented in Germany and even other Dutch cities have similar systems to avoid accidents; this traffic light on the ground will be implemented in other cities in the Netherlands.

It seems that looking at the mobile and not being aware of the traffic signals will continue to increase, so the Dutch authorities have anticipated and adapted to this problem with this traffic light on the ground. An example that, as they say, other nations will follow.